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Choppahead Glove and Boot Leather Balm (.5oz)

$ 10.00

Brand Choppahead

Since launching our Defender Gloves, we've been asked if there's anything we'd recommend they get treated with.  The answer is that our gloves are made of high end deerskin leather and are soft enough from the rip!  However, if you want some added protection, or to have your gloves/boots soften up more/form to you faster - we teamed up with Old Iron Beard Co to develop this balm just for that!

Our balm is hand made in the USA of all natural ingredients... and one tin will last you for years.  So far we've treated 2 sets of gloves and 4 pairs of boots with one tin - and still have half of it left! 



Push some balm out of the tin with the back of your fingernail, then rub the balm between your fingertips until it begins to soften, then apply to the leather/work it in a circular motion.  Or you can apply with a clean cloth. Balm may leave a waxy residue on the leather for 12-24 hours as it dries. 


***** It's recommended that you try a small test spot first, as this balm can darken some lighter leathers.