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Conely's Universal Hidden Gun Bag

$ 66.00

Brand Conely's

Conely's new mini hidden pocket stash bag is manufactured in the USA out of a 1000D ballistic nylon that is water resistant and also has dust and waterproof zippers!

The bag features a heavy plastic backing and bottom to keep a firm shape.

Inside the bag are three pockets, the rear pocket, is a seamless hidden pocket for stashing your pistol or things you do not want the" bacon" to see.

The forward pocket, is made out of a ballistic nylon as well with a soft felt material that will not scratch the items inside.

We have a universal gun holster/flashlight holster or sung lass holster that will Velcro to the inside to make  sure it is secure in long, hard and heavy rides. 

There is also a forward front pocket that has a soft felt material all the way around for your glasses, iPhone, etc. and has a pull out pocket to slide your cell phone or navigation system into.

The outside and on the sides of the bag there is molle style looping that  allows you to hang extra items from your bag for easy access The backside of the bag has a solid Velcro backing with extra long straps and the looping is on both sides and front. This mini bag can be used to hang on your handlebars, sissy bar and on the side of the frame or inside your Gen (2) bag. 

It can carry a medium size iPad as well.

The bag is double stitched and every seam is sealed to keep out water or dirt.

The bag has a complete, classy and finished look inside and out for that extra clean look.