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Ghost / Speed Bandit Replacement Exterior Shield - Dark Smoke

$ 59.95

Brand Simpson

Official Simpson Dark Smoke exterior shield for Ghost and Speed Bandit helmets. 

Shield can be locked in any position with Simpson locking system. Pin Lock ready.

Also available in a variety of other colors (call or email for availability). Simpson helmet shields are offered in clear as well as stylish and functional tints. When ordering a shield for your racing or motorcycle helmet, keep these considerations in mind.
Tinted shields can help to eliminate glare during daytime driving

Cleaning Tips:
Water works best. It's very important to use the correct cleaners when cleaning your shields, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the shield's coating. Avoid using any glass cleaner containing ammonia, as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the shield, and the anti-fog coating on the inside of the shield. Using a microfiber towel and water, wipe in one direction and repeat until the visor is clean and dry.